Policy Bazaar

    A bazaar is an open market  forum, that sells items, and has guiding rules. The Policy Bazaar is an Indian Protection agregator or collector and a world wide money. related  Insurance policy Innovation.

   The Policy Bazaar gives a computerized platform (site and application) where clients follow up budgetary administration from major insurance companies.

 The Policy Bazaar is the largest Protection agregator in India. The company has extended its activities to the United Arab Emirates (UAE)


   This organisation began as a protection reference site for insurance policy activities. It started in June 2008. It was started by Yashish Dahiya, Alok Bansal and Avaneesh Nirjar.

 The headquarters is in Gurugram, Haryana India. At the time of its formation, India needed straightforwardness because strategies were sold by corrupt operators.

    Policy Bazaar solved this problem by  posting the subtleties of different Insurance policy, quotes, rates and protection strategies online for clients to choose from.

 It started as a correlation and data entry site to find out about the Protection and the programs.

   The main aim of starting the insurance policy bazaar online was to give Indian purchasers Protection by putting in place a stage for them to look at and purchase a strategy plan.

 This then evolved into a commercial center for Protection activities.

The Insurance Policy Bazaar

   The Insurance Policy Bazaar has also opened a site - Telegu, to assists clients examine and purchase their policy in the local language. The organization testifies that it deals with almost 25% of India's protection and above 7% of the country s retail welfare  Coverage.

   Policy Bazaar gives a variety of Coverage plans like, Extra Security, Engine Protection, Travel protection, all on agregating plans. The forum is meant to provide contrasting and  purchasing designs following individual decisions.

   In 2015, policy bazaar deposited it's Application with Android and iOS for it's clients. Apart from these two, the company has received Amazon Polly and has created in 2018 an in - house Al Chat boot PBee to improve on consumer loyalty.

   In February 2020 Sarbir Singh was delegated CEO to couple with Dec 2019 when  Yashish Dahiya  assumed as CEO for gathering.

   Permanent  life insurance strategy is purchased through the bazaar 's foundation. In less than 10 years, the policy bazaar covers 25% of India's life Coverage. Also a huge number of Protection bazaars are sold at the bazaar, which means 555 Individuals are being covered herein.


    In 2014, policy bazaar's goal was to attain 10 million clients by 2020. This was rather achieved in the 2019 financial year, one year in advance. The organization now foresees to ensure the well being of 250 million or more of families in and around India.

   The organization gives meaning and reasonableness to all its clients.
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