How To Lower Car Insurance Premiums

 An Insurance premium is the amount of money an insured or car owner or driver pays to the insurer or Insurance company to cover a specific risk for a given period of time. When this is well done, the driver benefits some discounts in the premiums and it helps to save some money.

   The following are some seven (7) ways to lower the Insurance premiums.

1) putting in place car safety and security measures can help reduce the premiums. Security and safety measures like anti- theft, airbags, anti- lock brakes, engines stops by remote etc. All these reduce the chances of the car being stolen or involved in an accident.

2) Another way to reduce Insurance premium is to go for higher deductibles on the car insurance coverage. A deductible is the amount of money the insured first pays to the insurer out of his pocket before the insurer pays for damages. So, the higher the deductibles the lower the premiums. Deductibles range from 0 Dollar to 1500 Dollars.

3) Teenagers and seniors alike who undergo a course on safe driving in an accredited driving school benefits a reduction in premiums. So car owners are advised to take this course, to benefit a discount, since the training reduces chances of accidents.

4) Cars packed in a garage as compared to those packed in the streets or  in parking lots are less likely to suffer theft. So pack in a garage to benefit lower car insurance premiums.

5) Also the car owner can benefit lower premiums if he compares quotes from many insurance companies and choose those with lower rates that fit his needs.

6) Also car owners who also own houses can benefit lower premiums. This can be if he jointly insures the house and the car in the same company in a scheme called bundling. This multi - policy scheme attracts a reduction in premium.

7) Drivers who are below 25 years and unmarried are generally considered as students. If in addition the student show good grades in college this will qualify the student for a discount and so a lower premium.

   Dear reader, contact your local Insurance agent for more details and clarifications on your eligibility for a discount and how to adjust your deductibles.
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